What to do when you get stuck on road

Getting stuck in traffic is usually unprecedented and annoying thing. eadrivers on the road get stuck due to many reason including when a car battery dies and the vehicle can’t start, when engine fails, when fuel runs out or due to a puncture. When a vehicle stalls down, the victims usually slips into panic mode and majority end up messing things even more or causing other accidents. However, all this can be avoided by taking simple measures.

Stranded on Road due to dead bar battery
Car stalled down on the high way due to a dead battery (Source: Desert Oasis Auto-repair)

Measures to take when your vehicle dies leaving you stuck on the road

  • Safety – The first thing that should get into your mind is safety. Are you safe from the oncoming and outgoing traffic? Is the area safe? These should be the first question in case of any emergency stop. If you are on a highway turn on the hazard lights (emergency flashers) and pull off the road into a safe area on the shoulders of the highway. If your vehicle has totally stalled down due to a dead battery or any other mechanical issue and can’t be driven to the shoulders of the highway, place a life saver immediately on the road to warn other motorists. Try to get help from other motorist to push the vehicle to the shoulders of the road where you will be safe from the speeding traffic. If the area is unsafe may be from bandits or wild animals stay inside your vehicle and lock all the doors as you wait for help. Remember to always calm yourself down and not to panic.
  • Evaluate the nature of your emergency – after you have ensured you are safe, you can now evaluate the nature of your emergency. Your emergency may be minor and probably you can handle it at the stop for example if it’s one of the battery terminals that had gone lose you can tighten it and continue with the journey. In case of a puncture and you have a spare tire and can handle changing the tire on your own do it and proceed with the journey. If you cannot manage the breakdown on your own or the area is unsafe remain inside your vehicle and call for help.
  • Get help – call for help from rescue companies related to the nature of your emergency. For example if it’s a puncture you can call a company that deals with car tire servicing, if the problem is with your car power & ignition you can call a car battery service company. Alternatively you can call a towing company to tow your vehicle to the nearest town where you can get a full diagnosis of your car problem, have it repaired and if you need buying any spare-part acquire them conveniently. If you have no contact for emergency service providers you can search the nearest service provider online or enquire from the locals, other motorist or the authorities. At Battmobile we offer diverse rescue services from car battery services if your car battery is dead, fuel emergency services, tire services and towing services in UAE. You can contact us if you are in an emergency car need and our experts will attend to you diligently within the shortest time possible.
  • Inform someone – after calling for help it also advisable to inform someone else of your predicament such as a friend or a family member. Inform the person of the exact location you are in and the state of your emergency such that they can be able come to your rescue or send help your way if you have no other choice.
  • Service your vehicle – after you have been rescued from an emergency it is a wise move to fully service your vehicle. A stall down is an indication your vehicle needs more than an emergency resuscitation which usually tends to the symptom but not the real disease. The vehicle requires intensive check-up of all system for example if it was a dead car battery that perhaps hadn’t served its life cycle, a simple replacement of the battery does not solve the real problem, what destroyed the battery, the real problem needs to be identified and addressed. This a reason why people claim when a vehicle breaks down once a re-occurrence of the break down is inevitable. Full servicing after a breakdown recovery also gives the driver an opportunity to prepare for any future breakdown, he/she gets the tips to avoid a similar break down from the experts such as the signs to observe for example signs of a battery dying. Drivers also builds networks with recovery companies and service garages in the area and acquires contacts in case of a future breakdown.


If you are a vehicle owner or a drive you have or will probably experience a breakdown and find yourself suck on the road at least once in your driving life. The above tips from our Battmobile recovery team are lifesaving and will help you mitigate your breakdown successfully and efficiently even in gravest locations. At Battmobile we are not only UAE car battery experts but also a reliable recovery team when you have puncture, when you require towing services or when your car battery dies on your trip. Contact us today for your car battery in UAE or any car emergency and we will be at your service

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