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The Volkswagen is mostly powered by a group 34 battery, this battery size like others can be gotten from the Batt Mobile website. The group 34 battery generally serves as a Volkswagen battery replacement because of the ultra-high performance it gets from the AGM technology. The low resistance of the battery is due to the thin plates that are used and it ensures more efficient power output.

Volkswagen Battery Features

  • Has a dimension of 260mm × 170mm × 200mm
  • The reserve capacity is around 100 RC to 145RC
  • Cranking power of up to 900 CCA
  • Battery has a capacity ranging from 50Ah – 75 Ah

Volkswagen Battery description

The group 34 type battery is a dual purpose battery that ensures that it can properly function when you need a Volkswagen battery change. The battery has a rugged external casing which helps it prevents leakage and withstands vibrations. The battery is resilient and can endure multiple starting processes when used in a start-stop vehicle.

Volkswagen Battery Details

  • It is totally leak-proof so it can be mounted in any position.
  • It has high cranking power help to produce high voltages to start the vehicle even in cold weather conditions.
  • The Reserve Capacity is also high which makes it able to power the car's accessories even when the car is off.
  • It is a VLRA battery, meaning that is practically needs no maintenance of any kind.

The Batt Mobile website stocks batteries of all brands and brings them right to your doorstep in Dubai when you order. So you can grab your Volkswagen battery replacement off the website and be sure that you are getting a quality product at the best possible price. If you encounter any issue from your car battery, you can also contact us and we can come take a look at it and perform any fixes that is necessary.

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