Stepwise Guide to Replace your Car Battery

Extreme weather, rough driving, and frequent start-ups can affect the life of your battery. Fortunately, in Dubai, help is just a call away. However, jump starting your car whenever your battery gives up on the starter motor is not a good idea. This is high time where your battery is shouting for replacement.

Similar to any other product, car batteries come with a fixed shelf life, and they need to be replaced after that period. However, one should not replace the battery without checking out different options available in the market. Here are a few tips from Batt Mobile experts – a leading service of car battery Dubai. These tips will surely help you get the right battery for your ride.

Diagnose the problem

Diagnose the car battery

Before thinking of a new battery, make sure you really need one. This can be diagnosed by checking whether your car is losing power. A battery that is about to die will surely dim the interior lights. However, lights will be dim or will flicker if there are loose connections. So, make sure that the wiring is fine, and the connections are tight, before declaring that the battery needs replacement.

Check the Battery Details

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Every battery comes with an owner’s manual which stipulates the shelf life of battery, and when it needs replacement. But before you decide to go for replacement, check the important details such as the power ratings, current, voltage, and most importantly, the size. Only then you can go ahead with choosing a new battery.

Finding the right battery

When it comes to new cars, you can easily find a battery for replacement. However, some old models use a specific model of battery, which may not be found easily in the market. In this case, you will need to look for a substitute. Find the right substitute which fits the battery bay, provides the right amount of power, and fits right you’re your vehicle. When you are buying it from a battery dealer, ensure that you avail the right warranty, documentation, and check for support. Batt Mobile trades in so many battery brands and fitting the ones that are best suited to the car. Battery brand available such as: Varta, Bosch, Optima, AC Delco & Duracell


Car Battery Costings

It plays a major role when it comes to selection of a new battery. You should check various options in the market before selecting the final one. Individual stores offer batteries at retail price, but distributors may give extended discounts. You need to check the same before purchasing any.

Battery Installation

Unless you are a pro at installing battery all by yourself, you should find the right person for battery installation. Generally, the store or distributor does the battery installation for you. However, if the service is not available, then get the battery installed by certified professional only. Remember, improper connections can damage the battery as well as your car.

Brand Selection

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There are several brands available in the market. But choose the one that is recommended by your car manufacturer. This will prevent compatibility issues as any. Also, when it comes to choosing a brand, choose one that offers good products. Reliability can be checked by going through reviews.

These are the simple steps for battery replacement. While you install a new one, ensure that you dispose off the old battery properly.

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