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The Range Rover Battery replacement is the Group 24 battery. This battery can be found on the Batt Mobile website along with the batteries of other car brands. Although generally dual purpose batteries, they have the ability to hold charge for a longer period of time more efficiently than other battery types. Despite that, they are equally a reliable source for starting engines.

Range Rover battery Features

  • Dimension of the battery measures 260mm × 173mm × 225mm
  • High Reserve Capacity which can be up to 160 RC
  • Cranking power is around 850CCA.
  • Battery also has a relatively high capacity which helps it run your vehicle.

Range Rover Battery description

The group 24 battery has a very high CCA which is useful in vehicles that are operated in extremely cold conditions. It is used as a Range Rover battery because it is trusted and helps the vehicle perform at optimal levels. It is a Valve Regulated Lead-Acid battery, this ensures the battery is completely sealed and prevents leakages. The VRLA technology also helps significantly reduce water loss from the battery and thereby make it more long lasting than regular battery types.

Range Rover Battery Details

  • The battery is made with thicker plates to keep it vibration resistant
  • The VRLA technology also prevents the battery from drying out which in turn keeps the terminals from being damaged by acids
  • It is made of plastic to ensure that it is not only very durable but also resistant to high temperature it may be exposed to during operation
  • The lead calcium alloy guarantees that the battery is completely corrosion free.

You can get a Range Rover battery change at the best possible prices and have it delivered to you whenever you order off Batt Mobile. You can also get services such as battery diagnostics and repairs of faulty ones.

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