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Batt mobile has dedicated itself to providing customers a source of getting quality car batteries at the best possible prices. It is in this vein that the Porsche AGM battery is presented. The Porsche AGM battery is an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) based battery which makes it an obvious upgrade to the generic wet cell battery. It is the Porsche battery that comes with the latest models of Porsche. The use of the AGM base in the battery ensures that it has at least two times the lifespan of any wet cell battery.

Porsche Battery Features

  • Capacity of different sizes including the 70Ah, 80Ah, 90Ah, 95Ah and 105Ah
  • High cranking power of 800 CCA @ 0°C EN (A)
  • Zero maintenance required
  • Dimension of length 315mm, 175mm width and a height of 190mm

Porsche Battery description

The Porsche AGM battery has high cycling abilities which mean that the battery is very efficient both while discharging and recharging. It is this ability that has made it very good as a Porsche replacement battery. To ensure the battery lasts up to its lifespan, it is recommended that you consistently discharge it before recharging. Start your car with the obvious choice in quality Porsche battery, featuring an exclusive design that has made it rugged and fully functional even in extreme weather conditions. The VRLA technology is incorporated in the production ensuring that there is no room for spillage and prevents over-pressurization.

Porsche Battery Details

  • Valve regulated lead –acid battery (VRLA
  • At least three times more resistant to cycles than regular batteries following EN 50324-1
  • The most resistant battery to V3 vibration while obeying EN 50324-1
  • High starting engine performance due to the extremely low internal resistance present.
  • Can be used either as a starter battery or as an on-board battery for power supply to the car accessories.

You can easily get your Porsche replacement battery from Batt mobile by simply ordering off the website and the battery will be delivered to you anywhere in the UAE. You can also contact us for testing and diagnostics of faulty car batteries.

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