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Powerful vehicles need powerful batteries and this is the case of the Mitsubishi Pajero. The Pajero being an off-road vehicle is going to have to be powered by a battery that can comfortably handle it. This is where the group 78 battery comes to play. This group size is generally characterized by the AGM technology that ensures non-spillage of battery fluid and the impressive vibration resistance of the battery. With those two top qualities it has really shown that it is the real deal for off-road vehicles.

Pajero battery Features

  • Dimension of 260mm × 174mm × 196mm
  • Has a Battery capacity of 55Ah - 70Ah
  • Cranking power of up to 880 CCA
  • High reserve capacity of almost 135RC

Pajero Battery description

The group 78 battery are very easy to install and also have several features that make them ideal as a Pajero battery replacement. One of this is the ability to maintain charge for a long time. The battery discharges very slowly and tops it off by featuring a quick recharging time of around 5-6 hours. As a Pajero battery change, it also helps that it can serve as a deep cycle battery and has a high reserve capacity for powering all the accessories that the vehicle packs.

Pajero Battery Details

  • Provides high starting power because of its quick conduction of electricity
  • Packed with more plates during construction and this helps in making the battery so powerful
  • Very tolerant to temperature and can operate equally effectively in both hot and cold weather conditions
  • Durable and rigid which helps when it is driven on rough terrains

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