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About Optima

Optima Batteries is a subsidiary of Johnson Controls. The mother-company is a Fortune 500 brand from the US and is currently the leading name in lead-based car batteries for North America.

The Optima battery first appeared as a solo product in 1975 when the main design, called Spiracell, was patented. John Devitt and Donald McClelland were the creators of this original concept.

Now, almost fifty years later, the Optima battery is a favorite of millions of car owners worldwide. Asia, Europe and the Americas all have valid distributors of the Johnson Controls subsidiary. The batteries themselves have a self-discharge rate that is much lower than the one that their flat-plate competitors have

The three main Optima Battery types are Optima Blue Top, Optima Red Top and Optima Yellow Top. Each one of the varieties comes with its specific characteristics.

Optima Blue Top (Marine) is a no-maintenance car battery that uses spiral technology. It is suitable for high-performance marine usage.

Optima Red Top (Car) is a compact battery and an ideal selection for all car brands and models. It is suitable for stock as well as for modified car systems.

Optima Yellow Top (Truck) is a truck-special car battery that has a certificate for withstanding 350 complete discharges. This battery is also approved for military vehicles by the US government.

Other Products

The company manufactures a vast range of automobile products besides batteries. Some of the most popular vehicle parts manufactured by Optima include inverter chargers, inverters, accessories and terminals, battery chargers and wind-powered systems.

Take a look at our range of Optima batteries and compare their specifications to discover the variety that’s just right for your vehicle. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to ask questions about the best selection and the characteristics of the different varieties.

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