OEM Car Battery Dubai

OEM Car Battery

OEM – in full “Original Equipment Manufacturer,” battery is the battery designed and manufactured internally by the equipment/vehicle manufacturer or outsourced from specialized battery manufacturer from where it is built according to vehicle manufacturer’s specification for their specific car model(s). The OEM batteries are custom- made for particular vehicle model(s). They usually come installed in the respective vehicles and replacements can also be bought from the authorized vehicle distributors or ordered from the manufacturer.

Buy OEM car battery in Dubai.

At Battmobile, we are authorized distributors of assorted different OEM battery brands. We are in partnership with a number of the OEM car battery manufacturers and in contact with the majority others providing the best car batteries in UAE online. Contact us to buy your car battery in Dubai and the rest of the UAE today. We are your OEM battery shop, available even for car battery emergency

Why is OEM car battery important?

  1. Assurance of compatibility and ease of replacement – OEM car batteries are designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of a given vehicle model. They are best-fit batteries for optimal performance of the given vehicle model and fits perfectly. Unlike OEM car batteries, other batteries in the market may not provide enough power to crank the engine, maybe too short cycled to support the vehicle power needs sustainably or may require extra part or gadgets to supplement its performance which is an additional cost.
  2. Quality and durability – OEM car batteries are custom designed and manufactured under strict quality control whether they are made internally or outsourced. The agreement bidding the outsourcing manufacturers is usually quality conscious, and the manufacturer has to follow the quality required to the letter to safeguard their partnership. Besides, the OEM battery manufacturers have to persistently produce quality batteries to avoid incurring losses from warranty replacement. As a result, any OEM battery is usually of a higher quality and significantly more durable than the majority of other third-party batteries.
  3. Warranty – like all other OEM parts the batteries also comes with a warranty as an assurance of quality and durability. If the battery is faulty, doesn’t meet the set standard or doesn’t last the set duration free of mechanical damage buyers get the opportunity to request for replacement free of charge.
  4. Reliable distribution – most vehicle manufacturers have well set out distribution channels for their OEM parts including their car batteries. It may be through authorized dealers and distributors or making orders online. The companies strive to keep their customers happy and satisfied to win their royalty, and as such, they maintain the distribution of their batteries among other OEM parts reliable. If you order or buy an OEM car battery, you significantly have a better chance of receiving the right delivery and receiving the delivery on time than the majority of other third party batteries unless physically bought from the local shops.
  5. After sale services and support – after you purchase an OEM battery it is most probably delivered by the company technician or a certified distributor with technical know-how to help you install the battery. Vehicle manufacturers usually train technicians or authorize only the credited technicians to handle the sales, delivery, and installation of their OEM car batteries. The after sale service reduces any mechanical damage to the car or its components during installation. It also elevates chances of installing the battery wrongly, which may cause damage to the battery or the vehicle, saving both the client and the company money. For example, we the Battmobile we are authorized distributors and service technicians of assorted OEM car batteries, and you can buy the best car batteries from our website or by contacting us, and we will deliver and install the battery for you.


AC Delco Car Battery

ACDelco Brand OEM car batteries – ACDelco is an American brand owned by GM. The company is the official manufacturer of not only OEM car batteries, but also other replacement parts of General Motors vehicles. ACDelco is the OEM car battery brand for:-

  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Buick
  • GMC and others

Amaron Car Battery

Amron Brand OEM car batteries – Amron is India’s battery brand and OEM car battery manufacturer of the majority of Far East vehicles brands and several Europe and American Vehicles. It is the OEM Battery Brand for:-

  • Tata from India
  • Mahindra from India
  • Bajaj Motorcycles from India
  • Royal Enfield from India
  • Kia from South Korea
  • Daewoo from South Korea
  • Hyundai from South Korea
  • Honda Motorcycles from Japan
  • Nissan from Japan
  • Alfa Romeo from Italy
  • Fiat from Italy
  • Ford from America
  • Chevrolet from America
  • VW from Germany
  • Opel from Germany
  • Renault from France
  • Skoda from Czech

Banner Car Battery Dubai

Banner brand OEM car batteries – Banner is an Australian family owned battery manufacturer and the largest battery brand in Europe. It supplies batteries to the majority of Europe’s behemoth car manufacturers and is the OEM Battery Brand for:-

  • BMW
  • VW
  • Audi
  • Porsche
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Seat
  • Aston Martin
  • Volvo
  • Mercedes
  • Suzuki
  • Kässbohrer
  • Liebherr and others

Bosch Car Battery

Bosch Brand OEM Batteries – Bosch is a German battery manufacturer and the OEM battery Brand for:-

  • Porsche
  • BMW
  • Toyota
  • Range Rover and others

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