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At Batt mobile, you are able to get quality car batteries not matter what brand of vehicle you drive. This means that you can also get your Mercedes battery replacement in Dubai right from our site. If you are getting a Mercedes battery change then you should probably be looking at a Group 49 AGM battery. Group 49 batteries are especially recommended for your start/stop Mercedes Benz, these batteries are highly rated and have become a standard for other batteries.

Mercedes Benz battery Features

  • Dimension of 381mm × 175mm × 192mm
  • High cranking power up to 950 CCA
  • Completely leak-free and rust proof
  • Has a 170 reverse capacity
  • No need for maintenance of any type

Mercedes Benz Battery description

The Group 49 AGM battery has a 400 charge cycle with an 80% depth discharge. This allows the battery to withstand a large number of charging and discharging without any need for maintenance. The battery is made with very thin plates to ensure that you can enjoy every juice that the battery can produce resulting in longer lifespan. The casing of the battery is made with rugged plastic not only to prevent it from being affected by vibration of any sort but also makes it resistant to extreme heat.

Mercedes Benz Battery Details

  • Has at least 20 times the resistance of generic batteries to vibration
  • Doesn't have external vents which means that it can be installed anyhow you want.
  • Can serve as your Mercedes Benz replacement battery because it is a great source of power

Getting your Mercedes battery has never been easier, just order for the battery of your choice and it would be delivered right on the doorstep of your address anywhere in the UAE. Apart from replacement, Batt Mobile can also help perform diagnostics to reveal the cause of your constant car battery troubles.

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