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Batt Mobile was created to provide a safe haven for car owners to shop for quality replacement batteries. For Lexus users, you can get the battery size 27 if the need be to change the battery of your vehicle. The battery can either be made with thin plates so it can serve as a starting battery or with thick plates for it to be a deep-cycle battery. It can also be constructed with enough features to serve as a dual-purpose battery

Lexus battery Features

  • Dimension of the battery is 306mm × 173mm × 225mm
  • The battery capacity is between 85Ah and 105Ah
  • Cranking power generally is generally around 600 - 1000 CCA
  • Reserve Capacity of around 140 - 220 RC

Lexus Battery description

The type 27 battery is used as a Lexus battery change because of the several characteristics it has. It is a high-performance battery which enables your vehicle to run smoothly and power all the accessories in it. It also has an amazing energy storage capacity and an equally impressive charge cycle. The battery case is completely sealed to prevent the occurrence of spillage and corrosion.

Lexus Battery Details

  • Made using the AGM technology which allows it to be completely maintenance-free while still delivering optimally
  • Can withstand a large number of charging and discharging without it affecting it in anyway
  • Guarantees resistance against vibration which helps in elongating the lifespan more than that of regular batteries
  • Made to be entirely shockproof to make it able to last long

At Batt Mobile, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with quality batteries that they can be rest assured about. So you can order the Lexus battery replacement and have it delivered to you anywhere you are in Dubai. For faulty car batteries, you can also contact us for diagnostics and repairs

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