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Batt mobile is your one-stop shop for quality batteries at the best prices. We provide the best-fit batteries for your vehicles no matter what brand you drive. For those looking for a Kia battery replacement, you should check out the group 35 batteries. With the long life and high performance promised, it is no surprise that many turn to it when they need a Kia battery change.

Kia battery Features

  • Dimension 238mm × 171mm × 195mm
  • Cranking power can be up to 850 CCA
  • Reserve capacity of around 120 RC
  • Battery capacity can reach up to 65Ah

Kia Battery description

The group 35 battery is suitable for use in any weather condition. It supplies enough juice to start the car and power all the accessories. It is extremely resistant to vibration and totally maintenance-free. It is also very good for deep-cycling uses and has a fast recharging rate. The Kia battery replacement is made with thin plates which ensures flawless performance. With all these features, it is in addition made to perform at the highest level for a very long time unlike most of the other battery types.

Kia Battery Details

  • Internal components of the battery are well protected which helps to be able to resist vibration and extremely hot weather conditions.
  • Optimal starting performance which helps to make it a zero maintenance battery
  • Very high reserve capacity
  • Very fast recharge rate and discharges very slowly which makes it ideal even for those who use their car infrequently.

Buying a new Kia battery in Dubai just got a lot easier with the great option you have to get it from the Batt Mobile website. You can take advantage of our home delivery service and also contact for diagnostics and repairs of batteries if needed.

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