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Get your quality Jeep Cherokee battery on the Batt Mobile website. The group 25 battery is suitable as the Jeep Cherokee battery replacement because it is designed for 4×4, off-road and performance vehicles. This is because the group 25 battery type has as least three times the lifespan of the regular battery as well as produces two times the overall power. The battery also has a rugged build which helps it withstand the rough conditions of use that other battery types will not endure.

Jeep Cherokee battery Features

  • Dimensions of 248mm × 175mm × 203mm
  • Cranking power can be up to 850 CCA
  • Reserve capacity ranging from 120 RC - 140 RC
  • Battery capacity is from 45Ah - 65Ah

Jeep Cherokee Battery description

The group 25 battery is made with the AGM technology which makes it corrosion resistant and highly conductive. The battery is especially a fit for the Jeep Cherokee because of the high capacity and reliable starting power. It also has a high cranking power which helps for powering during cold weather and an impressive reserve capacity for running car accessories.

Jeep Cherokee Battery Details

  • Constructed using large plates to reduce the effects of vibration on the battery.
  • Pure lead plates also help in the production of more power for consumption.
  • Enough power to keep up with whatever needs the accessories in your vehicle require
  • Built to eliminate any possibility of acid spills and corrosion

Getting a new Jeep Cherokee battery replacement just got a lot easier with the presence of the group 25 battery on the Batt Mobile website. Shop for your battery and have it delivered to you in your home in Dubai. We also offer services such as battery diagnostics and repairs whenever it is required.

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