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You can now shop for your Ford Battery replacement right on the Batt Mobile website and get it delivered to you anywhere in the UAE. The group 65 AGM battery is the match made for your Ford vehicle. With a discharge cycle of up to 400, it can operate perfectly as a deep-cycle battery helping power the accessories even when the car is not running. The fact that it is an AGM battery makes it completely spill-proof and free from corrosion of any type.

Ford battery Features

  • Dimensions for the group 64 battery are 306mm × 190mm × 192mm
  • Battery type has its capacity ranging from 70-75Ah
  • Reserve Capacity also ranges from 130-150 RC
  • Very high cranking power up to 950 CCA

Ford Battery description

The group 65 AGM battery is used as a Ford Battery change because it is an high performance battery. This is because it features up to 950 CCA, which makes it even more reliable in very harsh weather conditions. It also made to need as little maintenance as possible. The replacement battery has features that matches the exact specifications of a new one and lasts twice the lifespan of the conventional flooded batteries.

Ford Battery Details

  • It is made as an AGM battery with Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) which makes it totally resistant to vibration.
  • It has been improved to be dual purpose battery, meaning that it serves both as a starting battery and a deep-cycle battery
  • It is built to serve vehicles that have high electrical needs by using the AGM technology to ensure that the battery produces more power than needed to start and run all accessories

With Batt Mobile, you are sure of getting quality batteries for your car as well as efficient after-sales services such as diagnostics and repairs. You also get the best Ford battery prices and incredible warranty

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