Car Battery Prices in Dubai

Car Battery Prices in Dubai

Car battery prices in Dubai and the rest of UAE vary depending on the type of the battery, the brand, size, watts, and other specifications. It is advisable to consult a battery expert on the best car battery for your vehicle, may it be the traditional acid flooded battery, AGM battery or OEM battery, before making the decision on the best car battery in UAE to buy.

At Battmobile we distribute different brands of AGM batteries, OEM batteries and traditional flooded batteries you can count on. The key brands we partners with include Varta, Bosch, Optima, Baroclem, Freebatt, ACDelco, Amaron, Hankook among others.

The determinant of the buy:

  • Distributor – different distributors have different prices. Authorized distributors of top ranking brands are likely to be more costly than those of the generic batteries. Third party outlets are also likely to be more costly than OEM shops.
  • Brand – different brands have varying base prices of their products. Known brands are more expensive than new brands making an entry in the market. An OEM battery is also more expensive than a similar third-party car battery.
  • Size of the battery – the bigger the size the more expensive a battery is expected to be.
  • The capacity – The capacity; Voltage, Amps per hour and the Cranking Power, also varies between different batteries of the same size. The higher/superior the specs the higher the cost.
  • The make of the battery – the technology behind the functionality of the battery also determines the price of the battery, for example, a gel battery is likely to be expensive than the traditional acid flooded battery while on the other had the AGM battery is more expensive than a gel battery.


At Battmobile, we link you directly with the leading AGM battery and OEM battery brands or their authorized distributors securing you the best car batteries in UAE and the best prices.

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