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At Batt Mobile, you can get a BMW battery replacement whenever one is needed. The Group 94R battery has many special characteristics that makes it a perfect fit for your BMW. These BMW battery change are AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries which means that they are non-spillable and rust proof. They also have high density paste that gives both high performances and long life.

BMW battery Features

  • Dimension is 315mm × 175mm × 190mm
  • Number of capacities ranging from 60Ah - 76Ah
  • The cranking power also varies and can be found ranging from 750 CCA up to 900 CCA
  • Has a reserve Capacity that can be as high as 158 RC

BMW Battery description

The Group 94R battery lasts more than two times the lifespan of regular battery types. The BMW battery replacement gives the vehicle a quick start even in extreme weather conditions. The batteries are designed as maintenance-free and dual-purpose, this means that they charge very quickly and still comfortably power the large amount of accessories present in your BMW. Despite all the great features it packs, the BMW battery price is still very affordable

    BMW Battery Details

  • Best vent caps to prevent leakages and ensure maximum safety.
  • Constructed to ensure that damages that can occur due to vibration are reduced as much as possible.
  • Charge quickly which means that they are reliable for BMWs that use the start-stop
  • The terminals are corrosive-free which guarantees same high quantity of power even in harsh weather conditions

While getting a BMW battery in Dubai might seem stressful, directly buying from the Batt Mobile website removes all the other problems that you will usually have when shopping in a store. Apart from delivering right to you wherever you are, we also offer other services such as battery check and repairs.

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