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The most common battery type used for an Audi replacement is the group 95R battery. Featuring a high reserve capacity and fast recharge rate, the group 95R has managed to win over many Audi users. The good part of it all is that you can now shop for your Audi battery change on the Batt Mobile website. This removes the stress of going to an auto store while still guaranteeing you quality products.

Audi battery Features

  • Dimensions of 394mm × 175mm × 190mm.
  • Has a battery voltage of 12 Volts
  • Cranking power of 760CCA to 950 CCA
  • The Reserve Capacity is 190RC

Audi Battery description

The group 95R battery types are generally top of the range batteries. With body build that helps resist vibration even when the vehicle is driven on rough terrains and enough battery capacity to power all the accessories, this is the perfect Audi battery replacement. It is also totally maintenance-free which ensures convenience and an undisturbed use. The battery uses the AGM technology which makes it leak-proof and so can be installed in whatever orientation.

Audi Battery Details

  • It is constructed to ensure that it is not only more durable than other battery types but also less prone to corrosion than others.
  • The battery is made to the OEM standard, which makes sure that it provides the same amount of power as the original battery.
  • It is extremely reliable even in cold weather and under frequent use.
  • Has a increased battery lifespan compared to conventional batteries.

Batt Mobile offers unparalleled quality in car batteries and the best prices that you can get. We also top it off with fast and reliable delivery in Dubai. In addition, you can also reach out to us and get access to our qualified technicians to help you in diagnostics and fixing of faulty batteries. All these and more are available on the Batt Mobile website.

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