Easy guide to choosing a new car battery

The battery is an integral part of your car but unfortunately, it is not built to last forever. While well-maintained car batteries can last for up to five years, due to weather conditions and the manner with which you use your car, you can find your car battery wanting within a lesser period. Although the battery will give a series of warning signs before eventually packing up, most people start shopping for a new battery on the day the car would not start. Picking a new car battery might seem to be quite a piece of work for many car owners, but in the real sense of things, it only requires following a few guides:
So what you need to know when trying to select a replacement car battery?

>How often do you drive

If you belong to the category of people who drive their cars once in a while for whatever reason, you risk allowing your car battery to drain to a dangerously low level. This is because not frequently driving your car makes the battery discharge on its own, and also driving for only short distances at a time will not make your car battery charge from the alternator as it should be.

To ensure that you can get the best out of your battery, you would be well off choosing a battery that has a high Reserve Capacity (RC) rating. This will ensure that you always have enough battery charge to operate the essential car accessories even if your car alternator stops working.

>Number of car accessories

Although many car owners do not realize, many of the accessories in the car drain the battery. While the air conditioners and LCD screens are only in use while you drive, others like the security alarms and electronic locks still use power when the car is parked. This is another time when selecting a battery with a high RC comes to play.

>Type of weather conditions in which you drive

driving in snow
Driving on the highway in cold weather (source: Goldagle)

While this isn’t exactly down to any fault of yours, it is an important point that usually gets ignored by many people. Using your car during extreme weather conditions affects the battery more than you think. For example, it is common to find out that it takes longer to start your car during the winter, this is because many battery types require more power in cold conditions. You can fix this by choosing a battery with high Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) as they specifically built for use in very cold conditions.

>Driving habits

There are a lot of questions that you need to answer before picking a new car battery. Do you take a lot of frequent short trips? Do you often find yourself on country roads? Do you travel long distances very often?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you would find yourself replacing your battery more frequently than other people. This is because most batteries are made to be used on smooth roads, also, continually restarting the car engine affects the battery as well as the prolonged vibration the battery undergoes when you take long journeys.


Battery dead – what should be done?

There is nothing as frustrating as trying to start your vehicle when in a hurry to rush to work or in traffic and your vehicle fails to start. This is usually an outcome of a dead battery which catches many drivers unaware. But is it really true the death of a car battery catches one unaware? I tend to think otherwise. The batteries, especially the OEM batteries, usually give signs and indications that all is not well before they completely go flat. Motorists unawareness or ignorance of the signs and symptoms of a dying battery is all to blame and there is nothing as the sudden death of a car battery unless from mechanical damage.

Replacement of a dead car battery
Removing a dead car battery (Source: Carville’s Auto Matt)

So what should you do when you have a dead car battery? I know the automatic answer that comes to your mind is to buy a new car battery, but, what are you buying? Are you aware not all batteries are meant for vehicles and even for the batteries meant for vehicles there is a specific battery for the specific vehicle in line with the vehicles’ power need? Have you known what caused the death of your car battery and whether it can also destroy the new battery you seek to buy? Do you know where to buy a car battery without being duped into buying the wrong battery or a counterfeit battery? Yes, there is quite a lot to consider before heading to the shop to buy a car battery to replace the dead one.

What you need to do when you have a dead car battery

  • Engage a car electrical or a battery expert – immediately your vehicle fails to crank, it is wise to bring in an expert to fully test and establish the root problem especially if your car battery didn’t show any signs of failing. Your battery may not always be dead when it fails to start the engine, the battery may be needing a recharge or you may be having a faulty wiring or a loose connection. An expert will be in a better position to determine if your car battery is really dead and probably identify what ailed the battery. If there is something is wrong with your engine that is destroying your battery such as a faulty alternator, the expert will be able to correct it or direct you to have the problem rectified before buying a new battery. After the root cause of your car battery death has been rectified or it has been established your vehicle is okay it’s your battery that had served its expected life cycle you can proceed to the actual process of acquiring a new car battery.

    Car Battery Diagnosis
    Diagnosing power problem in a vehicle
  • Establish your car’s power needs – the information on your car power needs should always be at your fingertips as it’s always vital when replacing the battery or electrical component in the car. It is necessary to know the amount of Voltage, Amps per hour and the cranking power your engine require in its normal operating climate. This will guide you in determining the minimum specs to look for when searching for the right car battery.
  • New trends and innovations in the market – the electronics world is an ever-evolving world in search for better, more efficient and longer lasting gadgets including the car battery industry. Try to search for the new trends/battery discoveries and you may be surprised to find a more appropriate, better performing or longer lasting battery for your vehicle. From our Battmobile website, you can get information about the new trends and emerging technologies in the car battery industry.
  • Acquiring the appropriate battery – with information on the specs to look for when looking for the new battery and the new technologies in the car battery market you can proceed to acquire a new battery. Identify an authorized battery merchant in your region or order the battery of your choice online. At Battmobile, the leading car battery company in UAE, we link you with the world’s best AGM battery and OEM battery manufactures and helps you choose the most appropriate battery for your need. You can order any battery from our website and we will deliver it to your location in the UAE.
  • Installation of the battery – after acquiring the battery, the battery needs installation for you to hit the road again. Installing a battery may seem easy but it’s advisable to have a battery expert install the battery for you especially if you don’t have the know-how. When you order your car battery from the Battmobile our delivery team will help install the battery for you at no cost. Order your battery from us today and enjoy the offer among many other after-sale services.
  • Maintain your car battery – your battery like all other components of the vehicle also require care and maintenance to enjoy battery’s full life cycle and for its performance efficiency. Maintaining the battery also extends the battery life. Get our experts’ guide on how to properly take care of your car battery maintain.

    Tightening a car battery terminal
    Tightening a car battery terminal (Source: Car Auto Insurance Quotes 2013)


Battmobile, the leading car battery service company in Dubai, is just a call away when you have a dead car battery in Dubai and other parts of UAE. We are at your service to provide you all the car battery services you may need from testing and diagnosis, delivery of new batteries to installation.


What to do when you get stuck on road

Getting stuck in traffic is usually unprecedented and annoying thing. eadrivers on the road get stuck due to many reason including when a car battery dies and the vehicle can’t start, when engine fails, when fuel runs out or due to a puncture. When a vehicle stalls down, the victims usually slips into panic mode and majority end up messing things even more or causing other accidents. However, all this can be avoided by taking simple measures.

Stranded on Road due to dead bar battery
Car stalled down on the high way due to a dead battery (Source: Desert Oasis Auto-repair)

Measures to take when your vehicle dies leaving you stuck on the road

  • Safety – The first thing that should get into your mind is safety. Are you safe from the oncoming and outgoing traffic? Is the area safe? These should be the first question in case of any emergency stop. If you are on a highway turn on the hazard lights (emergency flashers) and pull off the road into a safe area on the shoulders of the highway. If your vehicle has totally stalled down due to a dead battery or any other mechanical issue and can’t be driven to the shoulders of the highway, place a life saver immediately on the road to warn other motorists. Try to get help from other motorist to push the vehicle to the shoulders of the road where you will be safe from the speeding traffic. If the area is unsafe may be from bandits or wild animals stay inside your vehicle and lock all the doors as you wait for help. Remember to always calm yourself down and not to panic.
  • Evaluate the nature of your emergency – after you have ensured you are safe, you can now evaluate the nature of your emergency. Your emergency may be minor and probably you can handle it at the stop for example if it’s one of the battery terminals that had gone lose you can tighten it and continue with the journey. In case of a puncture and you have a spare tire and can handle changing the tire on your own do it and proceed with the journey. If you cannot manage the breakdown on your own or the area is unsafe remain inside your vehicle and call for help.
  • Get help – call for help from rescue companies related to the nature of your emergency. For example if it’s a puncture you can call a company that deals with car tire servicing, if the problem is with your car power & ignition you can call a car battery service company. Alternatively you can call a towing company to tow your vehicle to the nearest town where you can get a full diagnosis of your car problem, have it repaired and if you need buying any spare-part acquire them conveniently. If you have no contact for emergency service providers you can search the nearest service provider online or enquire from the locals, other motorist or the authorities. At Battmobile we offer diverse rescue services from car battery services if your car battery is dead, fuel emergency services, tire services and towing services in UAE. You can contact us if you are in an emergency car need and our experts will attend to you diligently within the shortest time possible.
  • Inform someone – after calling for help it also advisable to inform someone else of your predicament such as a friend or a family member. Inform the person of the exact location you are in and the state of your emergency such that they can be able come to your rescue or send help your way if you have no other choice.
  • Service your vehicle – after you have been rescued from an emergency it is a wise move to fully service your vehicle. A stall down is an indication your vehicle needs more than an emergency resuscitation which usually tends to the symptom but not the real disease. The vehicle requires intensive check-up of all system for example if it was a dead car battery that perhaps hadn’t served its life cycle, a simple replacement of the battery does not solve the real problem, what destroyed the battery, the real problem needs to be identified and addressed. This a reason why people claim when a vehicle breaks down once a re-occurrence of the break down is inevitable. Full servicing after a breakdown recovery also gives the driver an opportunity to prepare for any future breakdown, he/she gets the tips to avoid a similar break down from the experts such as the signs to observe for example signs of a battery dying. Drivers also builds networks with recovery companies and service garages in the area and acquires contacts in case of a future breakdown.


If you are a vehicle owner or a drive you have or will probably experience a breakdown and find yourself suck on the road at least once in your driving life. The above tips from our Battmobile recovery team are lifesaving and will help you mitigate your breakdown successfully and efficiently even in gravest locations. At Battmobile we are not only UAE car battery experts but also a reliable recovery team when you have puncture, when you require towing services or when your car battery dies on your trip. Contact us today for your car battery in UAE or any car emergency and we will be at your service


Tips on battery change

In addition to mechanical damages, car batteries also have limited life cycles, and requires changing from time to time. How long a car battery last largely depends on the type of the battery, the care taken and the conditions a battery is subjected to. For example, batteries used in cold regions or hot climatic regions where AC are intensively used, such as car batteries in UAE, will last a slightly shorter period than similar batteries on similar vehicles in temperate regions. Good car battery brands are also likely to service a vehicle longer than generic third party batteries without manufacturer traceability or accountability after sale. At Battmobile we link you with the best car battery brands that gives you quality products and the best after sale services such as a longer warranty.

Service agency replacing a car battery
Replacing a car battery (Source: Autance)

So what should you do when changing the car battery? Our Battmobile experts sheds some light on the dos and don’ts when changing a car battery in UAE.

Tips on changing car batteries

  1. Consult a battery expert – before you set out to buying a new car battery it is advisable to first consult a battery expert to ascertain your battery really needs a replacement. Many issues, not only a dead battery cause vehicles not to start; you probably may be having a disconnection or a loose connection, a wiring issue or a low battery requiring changing and not necessarily a battery replacement. At Battmobile we give you an all-inclusive battery test giving you the right diagnosis of your vehicle power problem. If you really need a battery replacement we will guide you and ensure you get the right battery from a good car battery brands that will serve you long.

    Car Battery Testing, Diagnosis and replacement
    Battmobile car battery testing, diagnosis and other services
  2. Know the right battery for your vehicle – this is usually the gravest mistake most car owners do when replacing their car batteries. Car battery owners who are not aware of the different types of car battery dubai and their car power needs usually get duped in buying any car batteries by rogue battery sellers in UAE out to make a gain out of the buyers ignorance. They end up buying car batteries that cannot sustain their car power needs and as a result these batteries life cycle is even shortened. When you consult our Battmobile car battery experts they will not only attend to your car battery needs but also advice you on the right car battery for your vehicle.
  3. Source the right battery – after you are sure of the right car battery you can proceed to source the battery. You can either physically visit a car battery outlet or order on-line. Ensure you source your battery from genuine certified car battery distributors to avoid being duped. At Battmobile we go beyond linking you with the top brands to also ensure you get the best car battery after sale services such as a longer warranty. We deliver the batteries to you preferred location and even install the battery for you.
  4. Pre-installation care –not all batteries can be unboxed and installed directly after sourcing. Read the manufacturer manual that comes with the battery and the safety and handling information on their website carefully. If you are not sure of anything consult an expert, and if possible have the expect install the battery for you. Some batteries may require filling with electrolyte or charging, while others are good to go straight from the unboxing. If you decide to install the battery yourself follow the installation guide or instructions to the letter and first ensure the car and its electronics are switched off, the battery is well secured on the car battery holder and spray the battery terminal with anti-corrosion solution. Connect the right terminal first; the positive first before the negative to avoid any explosive short circuiting that occurs when your connect the negative first and accidentally when connecting the positive, the spanner comes in touch with the car body. Tighten and counter check all the terminal connections carefully and the battery before starting the car.
  5. Take care of your battery- Installation of the battery is not the end of the road, you have to take care of the battery for you to enjoy the full life cycle of the battery. You will need to check regularly if the battery is well held in place, if the terminals are tightly connected, if the terminals are corroding away, if the battery has any leakage, etc. Equip yourself with information on car battery management and how to extend your car battery life it will save you a big deal in the long ran. Invite a car battery expert to check the car battery whenever you notice any unusual behavior on the performance of your car components such as lighting, gauges, radio, electric controls etc.


Changing a car battery may be a non-issue to you if you are an expert in car batteries but for majority of the people without the knowhow it is a risky business. They risk being conned into buy a car battery when they don’t really need a new one such as when they have an issue with connection not necessarily a dead battery. Even when in need of a new battery, they also risk being duped into buying the wrong battery replacement such. The wrong batteries usually do not sustain the vehicle power needs and do not last long. At Battmobile we not only equip you with the right information about your vehicle power needs and the right battery to buy as replacement but also link you the buyer with the best car battery brands in in Dubai. Contact us today for more information or book our services on our website


Stepwise Guide to Replace your Car Battery

Extreme weather, rough driving, and frequent start-ups can affect the life of your battery. Fortunately, in Dubai, help is just a call away. However, jump starting your car whenever your battery gives up on the starter motor is not a good idea. This is high time where your battery is shouting for replacement.

Similar to any other product, car batteries come with a fixed shelf life, and they need to be replaced after that period. However, one should not replace the battery without checking out different options available in the market. Here are a few tips from Batt Mobile experts – a leading service of car battery Dubai. These tips will surely help you get the right battery for your ride.

Diagnose the problem

Diagnose the car battery

Before thinking of a new battery, make sure you really need one. This can be diagnosed by checking whether your car is losing power. A battery that is about to die will surely dim the interior lights. However, lights will be dim or will flicker if there are loose connections. So, make sure that the wiring is fine, and the connections are tight, before declaring that the battery needs replacement.

Check the Battery Details

Image result for check car battery owners manual

Every battery comes with an owner’s manual which stipulates the shelf life of battery, and when it needs replacement. But before you decide to go for replacement, check the important details such as the power ratings, current, voltage, and most importantly, the size. Only then you can go ahead with choosing a new battery.

Finding the right battery

When it comes to new cars, you can easily find a battery for replacement. However, some old models use a specific model of battery, which may not be found easily in the market. In this case, you will need to look for a substitute. Find the right substitute which fits the battery bay, provides the right amount of power, and fits right you’re your vehicle. When you are buying it from a battery dealer, ensure that you avail the right warranty, documentation, and check for support. Batt Mobile trades in so many battery brands and fitting the ones that are best suited to the car. Battery brand available such as: Varta, Bosch, Optima, AC Delco & Duracell


Car Battery Costings

It plays a major role when it comes to selection of a new battery. You should check various options in the market before selecting the final one. Individual stores offer batteries at retail price, but distributors may give extended discounts. You need to check the same before purchasing any.

Battery Installation

Unless you are a pro at installing battery all by yourself, you should find the right person for battery installation. Generally, the store or distributor does the battery installation for you. However, if the service is not available, then get the battery installed by certified professional only. Remember, improper connections can damage the battery as well as your car.

Brand Selection

Image result for car battery brand selection

There are several brands available in the market. But choose the one that is recommended by your car manufacturer. This will prevent compatibility issues as any. Also, when it comes to choosing a brand, choose one that offers good products. Reliability can be checked by going through reviews.

These are the simple steps for battery replacement. While you install a new one, ensure that you dispose off the old battery properly.


Tips To Extend Your Car Battery’s Life

Car batteries are vital for your vehicles because without them you cannot start the car. Along with that, the battery powers an array of electronic instruments in your car, be it the fan, lights, or charging portal for mobile phones.

However, every car battery comes with a shelf life of 3 to 5 years. After this, the battery starts failing, and you may experience problem.  In the case of wet batteries, the electrolyte level depletes due to the persistent engine heat, scorching sun, and other factors. Heat plays a major role in reducing the life of a car battery. That is why the average life of batteries in hot regions is only 3 years as compared to 4 to 6 years in the colder regions.

Despite taking proper care of the battery, it will need a replacement after a certain time period. But you can extend the life of your car battery UAE, if you follow these 7 tips:

Limit Short Rides

Frequent car rides, which are short, prevent your car’s battery from getting fully charged. As a result, the number of charging and discharging cycles increase, and the life of the battery reduces. Maintain your car’s battery life by maintaining charge levels. This can be done by longer rides over short ones.

Keep Your Battery well-positioned

Image result for car battery well positioned

A battery that is not stationed well can suffer from internal damage caused by vibrations, shocks, and accidental touching of wires. As a result, it is recommended to check the battery housing regularly. The bolts holding the battery should be fastened tightly such that the battery does not move or vibrate.

Turn Off Lights on Exit

Image result for turn off headlights

At times, you may forget to switch off the headlights or car door lights. This will eventually cause the battery to drain. Some batteries need recharging along with maintenance in such situations, and this reduces their life. So, make it a habit to switch off the lights before getting down from the car.

Control the Corrosion

Image result for Control the Corrosion of car battery

Battery terminals get oxidized and corroded with time. This can be kept in control by regularly cleaning the battery terminals with brush, and then rinsing off with water. If possible, insulate the terminals to avoid sediment built-up.

Service your Battery timely

Image result for Service your car Battery timely

Every car battery UAE distributor has to offer needs servicing from time to time, be it wet cell or maintenance free. Check the voltage levels periodically and top-up the electrolyte as and when needed to keep the battery healthy for a long time.

Avoid using Electronics When Idle

Lights and music system will eat the battery charge. And when the car is not running, it is advised to keep them off. This will not drain the battery. Also, avoid extended periods of idling as it eats away the battery charge.

Maintain your Car

A well-maintained car and a proper electrical system will not put load on the battery. Hence, you should maintain your car regularly.

These tips will keep your battery running for a longer period of time.


Five Car Battery Maintenance Tips to Follow Easily

Owning jumper cables is not an option that all of us can prefer when it comes to starting cars that have weak or failing batteries. Whenever you own a truck or a big car, you can easily keep jumper cables with you to overcome battery issues. However, this is not the case with cosy cars that are meant for daily commute or luxury. And when such cars fail to start due to a weak battery, you may have to call for help from a friend or professional car battery repair services.

But why wait for such last moment decisions that force you to call for help. Every car battery in dubai comes with a shelf life, which can be extended if it is maintained properly. We know that the batteries are filled with chemicals with a limited shelf life, but you can still squeeze out extra life from them if you follow certain tips for battery maintenance.

Park in Garage

Wet batteries, the ones which have electrolytes loaded in them, are ought to lose charge and potential with time. This is because heat often causes the water to evaporate faster, and your battery life to fall. In order to avoid this, you should park your car in shades. Similarly, in winter, when the temperature outside is cold and caustic for the battery, ensure that you park your car in a garage that is warmer than the surroundings. A word of advice: avoid heated garages as they damage the car paint and can cause rusting.

Keep Your Battery Clean

Image result for keep car battery clean

With time, the electrodes of the car battery are going to gather grease, dirt, and oxidation sediments. This will weaken the connection between the clamps and the nodes, causing the battery to fluctuate. Care should be taken to clean the electrodes periodically. This will not only keep the battery healthy but will also keep the electrical system of the car working well.

Insulate Your Car Battery

Battery electrodes get oxidized with time, and it is no one’s fault. Oxidized electrodes not only cause problem to the battery, but also the electrical system of the car. Constant flickering of lights, drop in car’s performance, and weak starts are some of the signs of weak electrodes. When it comes to protecting the electrodes, choose a cheap battery insulation. This will protect them from problems.

Always use distilled water

Image result for Always use distilled water for car battery

Whether it is a lead battery that runs on electrolytes or a maintenance-free battery, it will still need water to function properly. To increase the life of your battery, it is advised to use distilled water only. Avoid using ordinary water as it will spoil the battery for sure. Keep a small bottle of distilled water for long journeys, so that you can top the water whenever the need be.

Secure the Battery in Housing

Shocks and vibrations can cause the electrodes inside the battery to degenerate. Also, wet batteries may experience acid spilling due to shocks. To avoid this, it is recommended to house your battery properly. A properly housed battery in a clean tray runs long.


How to Jump Start a Car

Car battery failure is a common thing when you are driving an old car. Failure of battery happens due to several reasons such as batteries being discharged as headlights were kept on overnight, faulty wiring, or simply age of the battery. Whenever you encounter a problem of weak battery for engine start up, you can always take help from a fellow car owner to jumpstart your car

Jumper cables play an important role in jumpstarting your car when your battery is unable to power the starter motor. One needs basic training to use the jumper cables to start the car. Along with training, one needs to follow safety procedures as well to avoid any unnecessary short circuits. If you can use the cables properly by connecting them to the right ports, you will be able to jumpstart the car safely.

But first, you need to take a few precautions.

Precautions to jumpstart your car

  • Check the polarity before installing the cables
  • Some cars are positive ground instead of negative ground, ensure that the cables don’t touch the body.
  • Avoid jumper cables to start the car if any of the car has electronic ignition system.
  • Avoid jumper cables if your car runs on alternative fuel system.

Procedure to jumpstart your car:

Whenever the need arises to jumpstart your car, it is time for battery service Dubai professionals like Batt Mobile to come into the picture for battery maintenance. But first, let’s get your car started by following this procedure:

Take out your jumper cables

It’s recommended to buy a set of jumper cables and store them in the trunk compartment. If you are not having jumper cables in your car, then approach a car owner who happens to keep jumper cables. Only then will you be able to start the car effortlessly.

Park both the vehicles near each other

Parking the car near each other will help you to connect the cables easily to the battery terminals of the cars.

Engage Parking brakes on both the vehicles

This way, the cars will be stationed in a fixed position and will not move after one starts the engine or when parked on a slope.

Shut off the ignition in both the cars

You do not want unwanted short circuits or sparks flying while connecting the cables. Hence, it is recommended to keep the ignition off.

Connect the Terminals

Connect the positive terminal of one car battery to another with a cable that comes with red clips. Connect the negative terminal of one car battery to another with a cable that comes with black clips.

Once the connection is done, you can turn the ignition on to start the car.

If the car starts, then rev the engine for 5 minutes before disconnecting the cables.

If the car does not start, then the voltage given by the other car’s battery is not sufficient. In this case, you should start the other car and check the ignition again.

Once your car starts, disconnect the cables slowly. Disconnect the positive terminal first and then the negative terminal.

Drive the car around for 15 minutes and see whether the car starts again or not. If it fails to start, then it is time to visit the car battery shop for maintenance or replacement.

Batt Mobile trades in so many battery brands and fitting the ones that are best suited to the car. Battery brand available such as: Varta, Bosch, Optima, AC Delco & Duracell


Five Signs that Your Car Battery Needs Replacement

Your car is your trusted partner on the road. It is your companion for journeys, be it short or long. However, with time, the spares will stop to function properly and you might need to fix or replace them. One such key component that powers the heart of your car is the battery.

Each year, many car owners report issues of electrical problems in the vehicles, and everything narrows down to just one thing – the battery. It is a dying battery that causes problem in engine startup, faulty or dim lights, blowing of fuses, and a lot more. Moreover, it may affect the overall performance of your car. There are many shops providing car battery replacement Dubai, the city has to offer. But before you decide to change the car battery, here are the five signs that will indicate whether a replacement is necessary or not.

Engine doesn’t start, but cranking is heard

Whenever you turn the ignition, the engine starts with a crank. However, if you are able to hear the crank, but the engine fails to start, or repeated attempts are required to crank and start the engine, then chances are that your battery needs recharge. Get to the station to check whether the battery can be fixed or not. If latter, then it is time to buy a new battery as using the old one will spoil the starter motor.

Engine starts, but horn and lights are weak

Most of the times, it is very difficult to know the battery is dying. Whenever you purchase a battery of a good brand, its likelihood of failing is less. Hence, the battery is able to power the starter motor, but will not dissipate continuous power to light the bulbs or power the horn. If this is the case, then you will surely need an expert technician to know whether the battery is failing or not. At times, even recharging or servicing the battery does the trick, but if it has failed internally, then a replacement is inevitable.

On some days it’s fine, on other days it’s not

There are days when your car starts perfectly fine and you will not have any issues, and there are days when the battery fails to power any electrical equipment in the car. If this is the case, then you should immediately consult a battery technician. Chances are that the battery is not functioning well due to electrode damage. In such cases, the battery surely needs replacement.

Battery is swollen and leaky

The day you notice leaks around the battery compartments, and increase in its size, that’s the day you need to get the battery checked immediately. Yes, when the battery becomes old and dysfunctional, the cells enlarge and the battery bulges out. That’s an indicator for a new battery.

Battery needs frequent Jumping

Yes, at times, batteries need jumping to start the engine. This happens when you don’t use the car for a long time. However, if jumping is frequently required, then it’s not your fault, it is the battery. Kindly get a new one.


7 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Battery

Unlike any other part of the car, a car battery also has limited life span, and needs replacement as soon as it starts showing problems. Having said this, most car batteries available out there are standard, have a steady output of 12 V, and power up the vital components of the car. However, there are many small and large things which are taken into consideration when choosing a battery.

Though cost remains the primary marker for selection of batteries. However, in a conducive market, car battery Dubai price is competitive and hence it cannot be the only thing to consider while comparing. So, to help you steer across the various options available, here are 7 tips to follow:

Size of the battery

Yes, this is an important parameter to consider while choosing a car battery. Most of the batteries have standard dimension, however, it is advised to check the length, breadth and height of the previously fitted battery, before you go out finding a new one. Only choose a battery that perfectly fits into the battery tray of your car, avoid lose fitted ones as it will only damage the tray, and may cause spilling of fluid.

How fresh is the battery?

You don’t want to install a battery that was made last year. Because, a year old battery will surely have reduced output. Having said this, the best way to identify the manufacturing date is to read the code and serial on the battery. The serial number is marked with the year and month of manufacturing, so you will have a clear idea about what you are selecting.

High Capacity

Higher the capacity, longer will be the power available, and more useful it will be for situations wherein your car’s alternator fails, or you have kept the lights on for a longer time. Batteries having higher capacity will not have trouble with dip in the charge as they will power for a longer time. So, choose a battery having higher reserve capacity. They might be a bit costly, but you will always benefit by them.

Storage Capacity

Every car has a power requirement as per which the battery is chosen. This determines the storage capacity of the battery, which is marked in Ampere-hour or Ah. Higher the Ah means that the battery will be able to sustain load for a longer period as compared to those with lower Ah.

Power Capacity

This is often referred to as CCA and CA, which means Cold Cranking Amps and Cranking Amp. Cranking Amp or CA is referred to as the energy required to start the vehicle at 32-deg Fahrenheit, while CCA refers to the ability of battery to start at zero-deg Fahrenheit. If you are in cold climates, then battery with higher CCA is recommended.


There are two types of batteries, the one which require and the other which are maintenance-free. The ones who require maintenance often need servicing every 6 months, while maintenance-free batteries are sealed with liquid electrolyte running in the battery that needs no replacement.


Yes, this is an important aspect to consider when choosing a battery. A battery with longer warranty qualifies for free replacement or repairs if problems arise.

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Five Car Battery Issues and Tips to Avoid It

On a busy Monday morning, there couldn’t be anything more frustrating than a car that fails to start. Yes, startup problems in car are often caused by failing batteries, and the problems are aggravated in months of winter where the temperature is too low.

Having understood this, you may need to keep a battery jumper at hand to start the engine, or may use battery chargers to recharge the drained battery. But all of this trouble can be avoided, if you are able to understand the situations wherein the battery dies, and how you could avoid them. Here are a few to consider:

Battery Has Lost Electrolytes

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Yes, this happens during summer where the heat is very high. This usually causes the electrolyte to evaporate faster and you may be left with a battery that is dry or low on electrolyte. At such times, the battery will not provide the required power to start, and persistent usage of battery on low electrolyte will surely call for car battery replacement.

Tip: Check the electrolyte level regularly.

Frequent Start-Ups

Does it occur to you that frequent startups of engine often dims the lights? Yes, this happens because with every startup, the motor draws power, leaving the battery drained. So, in traffic or during short trips, the problem of frequent start-ups does affect the life and performance of the battery, causing it to drain faster. This is because the alternator doesn’t get sufficient time to recharge the battery.

Tip: Avoid frequent start-ups, keep the engine running in traffic, if it for a short while or moving.

Multiple Electrical Equipment

LED Lights, car amplifiers, DVD players, Navigation systems, and chargers all love to eat the charge from the battery. Every time you plug any of this device, or switch it on, the car battery begins to drain. Persistent use of these devices when the engine is not running will surely cause the battery to lose power.

Tip: Use devices when the car is on, and keep its use to minimum when the engine is off.

Battery is Dirty

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With time, grease, dirt, and grime often gets accumulated around the electrodes. These often act as insulators and trap the heat around the battery. Furthermore, accumulation of grime may corrode the material, causing the battery to wear off further.

Tip: Wipe the grime and grease with paper towels regularly, and keep the electrodes clean.

Servicing and Replacement

Every car battery has a given shelf life of 3 to 5 years; after which it stops to function properly. Which means, you need to keep in mind this fact that battery troubles will arise irrespective of taking all the care. But that shouldn’t force you to give up on the battery maintenance and care schedule. Low-maintenance batteries need electrolyte top-up and periodic charging to function properly. Failure to do so will only reduce the shelf-life of the battery, calling for early replacement.

Tip: Service the battery regularly, and look for replacement when the time is right.


Three Things to Do When your Car Battery Dies in the Middle of Nowhere

For days you have been planning the long trip, and finally you have set foot on the pedal and have started driving. Halfway to the destination, you are on a road surrounded by sand dunes, with no visibility of life or settlement around. You are tired driving, and you decide to take a break and park the car alongside the road. After you are relaxed, you head back to the car, and you start it.
However, the car fails to start, and you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with no clue of what has happened to your car. Hundreds of car owners face this issue of car not starting in the middle of nowhere. This is usually caused due to a failed battery.
Car batteries are often known to die as they age, or due to low levels of electrolytes. Usually, batteries die in cold temperatures, or in summers where the battery has drained due to high temperature. A technician can fix this in a matter of minutes, but things become problematic when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. So, to help you think better in conditions as such, here are three things to do:

Jump start the battery

Yes, this is the first and the easiest solution to start your dead battery and get your car running. All you need is a pair of jumper cables to do the task for you. If you are stuck on the side of the road, ask for other car drivers for help. Someone will stop, and help you fix the jumper cables on your battery and his car. This way, your car’s battery will pull the necessary charge, and it will start the engine, and you are free to roll.
Caution: Always jump the battery if you know how to do it. Line the electrodes and cables properly to avoid the chances of short-circuit. And after connection, do ask the other car owner to run his engine for optimal power.

Push and Start

Now, this method requires physical strength and trick. The idea here is to switch the car to neutral and accelerate it along the road by pushing. Once, the car has gained sufficient momentum, engage the second gear and turn on the ignition. This will surely start the engine, and soon the car battery will come to life. This method is a proven method, but requires practice and strength. You will need some company to pull this trick off, but it works.

Call a professional

There are many insurance companies, car service centres, and even battery technicians offering road-side service. If the battery has failed, and is not starting at all, it is time to call one of the service of roadside car battery replacement Dubai has to offer. They will send a technician who will check the battery to see if its starts the vehicle, or will provide a new one. Such services are becoming popular as many people now use their own vehicles for long trips, and such circumstances do arise.