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You have probably seen a smaller looking battery in a vehicle installed in weird angles and positions not necessarily under the hood such as under the seat or in the truck, that is most likely an AGM battery.
AGM – Absorbed Glass Mat battery (also referred to as starved electrolyte battery) is a particular type of cell popular with the latest vehicle models. It has a unique design, which instead of using the tradition battery acid that is flooded in the battery casing, they use glass mat (ultra-fine fiberglass) that is saturated with the electrolyte. The ultra-fine fiberglass is saturated to about 95% of what it can hold. Then it is packed slightly compressed between the battery plates to wick them together, and finally, the battery plates are soldered or welded together. The electrolyte is not flooded like in tradition acid batteries but just enough to keep the mat wet such that even when the battery breaks, no liquid can leak out.

AGM Car batteries - Options
Some of the AGM Car Batteries in the market

Advantages of an AGM battery

  • The electrolyte in the AGM battery cannot spill or leak. Thus they can be mounted on any angle/position,
  • They are maintenance free
  • They are safe to use even in poorly ventilated areas,
  • Performs well even in low temperatures,
  • They have low self-discharge, 3 to 10 times better than gel batteries, and 5 to 50 times than in traditional flooded batteries
  • They have a high burst of amps without a significant drop in voltage giving them a deep cycle
  • They do not heat up even when they are heavily charged or discharged due to their low internal resistance,
  • Majority of the AGM batteries can be recharged using any standard battery charger or engine alternator although low voltage regulated charger is recommended,
  • They recharge up to 5 times faster than flooded batteries,
  • They have better performance and a longer life-span (estimated 2 to 3 times longer than flooded batteries),
  • They are vibration resistance due to their compacted packaging,
  • They have a deeper cycle compared to other battery types with the same plate thickness offering up to 80% depth-of-discharge compared to 50% DoD specified for flooded batteries to attain the same cycle life.
  • They are small in size and lighter in weight as they have higher capacity per volume ratio.

Types of AGM batteries and what to consider when buying an AGM car battery:-

The AGM car batteries are in 12V size meant for standard vehicles and boats and 6V capacity for smaller locomotives such as Golf-carts. It is thus essential to first to confirm your battery need before heading to buy an AGM battery.
The AGM batteries are manufactured in two main models, the flat plate AGM batteries, and the spiral wound cell AGM batteries.

Types of AGM car batteries for replacement
The two models of AGM car battery in Dubai

The 3 categories to consider when looking for the best AGM car battery:-

  1. AGM stop-start Battery – this is an ideal battery for the stop-start engine technology which is gaining populace with the recent vehicle models as they are designed to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emission. The technology automatically switches off the engine when the vehicle remains stationary for about 1.5 seconds and restarts when the driver puts pressure on the accelerator or the clutch for manual cars. As such the technology is intense on the car battery and the AGM stop-start battery is ideally design for the tech. This category also includes AGM High Performance Starter Battery.
  2. AGM Deep Cycle Battery – these are AGM batteries designed to supply sustained power over a more extended period and reliably run until they are overly discharged such as until they are 80% discharged or more before they require a recharge. They are different from short cycle battery that only provides a shorter period burst of power, and they immediately need a recharge, some before they are even 40% discharged. This category also includes the AGM Golf cart batteries and the Marine/boats deep cycle batteries. The AGM solar & wind batteries also fall under this category.
  3. Starting and Deep Cycle AGM Battery – combines the characteristics of stop-start AGM battery and the components of Deep Cycle AGM Batteries. These are ideal for vehicles with stop-start technology, regenerative braking and multiple electronic gadgets with high demand for power.


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