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From diagnosis, jumpstart to replace your car battery all under 1 roof.

Battery Mobile is one of the best battery replacement companies helping customers with not just car batteries but all other automotive needs and not just in Dubai but the whole of United Arab Emirates.

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We provide our loyal customers with excellent support and service at a discounted rate with the Loyalty Card.

So let not car breakdowns be heavy on your pocket and mind, the Batt Mobile Loyalty Card is easy to find.

Don’t let your car lose the spark when Batt Mobile is on the watch. Your trusted car battery replacement partner in UAE

Why Choose Battery Mobile - Your Preferred Dial a Battery Technician

Being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a car breakdown is bewildering. But with our extensive car battery replacement services, you can simply heave a sigh of relief.

We specialize in battery replacement, flat tire servicing, towing service, and battery diagnosis, be it Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, or any part of UAE.

Our Brands

Having a reliable car battery is essential for enjoying your vehicle’s optimum performance.

Flickering lights? A hitch while starting your car? Your car not sounding like itself? A forlorn horn? A full diagnosis and service for your car battery is in order!

There’s nothing more satisfying than a smooth-running car that responds instantly to your slightest touch, is there? The life and soul of a perfect motorized vehicle is a well serviced battery.

There are few pointers that you can keep in mind to maintain a healthy car battery; such as limiting short rides that keep the battery from being fully charged, aptly positioning the battery, reducing other usages like lights, music, etc. when the car is not running, and regular cleaning of battery terminals to avoid corrosion. But most of all, it is the timely car battery services that ensure seamless electric current supply to the vehicle engine for a smooth drive.

Being stranded on the middle of a traffic infested road can ruin your day in seconds. But today, with a simple ‘dial a battery’ provision, prompt and expert services for car battery in Dubai makes it easy for vehicle breakdowns, wherever you are.

Efficient and timely mobile car battery services are just a call away – dial a battery at our Battmobile services and the best services for car battery in Dubai would be right outside your door in record time. You needn’t be worried about being stranded on the middle of the road with a flat tire or a dead battery any more. We promise prompt assistance and professional expertise in flat tire servicing, towing services, battery diagnosis as well as timely services for car battery replacement in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah or any other part of UAE.

Battmobile services are a team of organized and dedicated mechanics, offering 24-hour services since 2010 for battery fitting, mobile car battery servicing, battery start services at home, battery testing and diagnostics, as well as servicing of batteries for commercial vehicles. All our batteries are aptly priced, and we strive to find for your vehicle the ideal battery, with the right price to quality ratio according to your budget as well as transportation requirements. We offer free battery diagnosis services that would take care of common snags for car batteries in Dubai. All our batteries of select brands come with a manufacturing warranty of up to 18 months.

Simply dial a battery and emergency services like jump-starting your car can be availed at any time. We also promise quick fuel delivery if you ever run out of fuel on the road, at any part of the Emirates. With our loyalty card available for free, and you can avail our efficient services at optimal prices, without burning a hole in the pocket on servicing car battery in Dubai.

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Battmobile 318th, Road, Suite 4, Al Qouz, Dubai, UAE


800 - 78278

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