Onsite battery replacement

A faulty or flat battery is one of the top causes of vehicle breakdowns – that’s why Batt Mobile provides a fast, efficient and hassle-free 24/7 service to get you back on the road as soon as possible.“We also dispose of your batteries in an eco-friendly way.”


Battery Diagnostic and jumpstart.

State of the art computerized battery test.
Vehicle charging system test- alternator and starter.
Any other electrical fault that may be draining the battery.
Battery cable testing and removing corrosion from the battery terminals.


Flat tire service

  • Assistance in roadside spare tire change.

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Marine & Commercial

  • We stock all kinds of marine batteries


Deep Cycle & AGM/Gel

  • We stock all kinds of deep cycle and AGM typres of batteries


Motorcycle & Auxiliary

  • We stock all kinds of motor cycle batteries


Our Services

Optima Battery
Exide Battery
Duracell Battery
Ac Delco Battery

Car Battery Support and Replacement Services

Having a reliable car battery is essential for enjoying your vehicle’s optimum performance. We specialize in the delivery, fitting, replacement and car battery support services.

Reliable Car Battery Support

You need to go to work in the morning and you notice that your car won’t start no matter what? We will supply and fit a brand new battery for you, making sure that it provides the right price to quality ratio for your budget and your transportation needs.

Our car battery delivery service Dubai is fast and reliable, just give us a call to learn everything about the details.

Wide Range of Services

Apart from providing reliable car battery support, we specialize in a vast range of additional services:

  • Battery fitting: car battery replacement in Dubai starts with proper fitting. We’ll complete the process at any given location and at a time that you find convenient.
  • Mobile car battery support services.
  • Commercial vehicle services: commercial batteries need to be durable and affordable at the same time. We’ll help you pick the right option.
  • Home start services: available 24/7.
  • Battery testing service: experiencing problems with your battery? We have the equipment to perform roadside diagnostics and pinpoint the exact cause of trouble.
  • 24/7 call out service.
Why Choose Our Services?

A good car battery can be difficult to find, especially if you have to go through the process for the first time. We have extensive experience in the field of car battery support and replacement services, which is why we consult clients and help them make the right selection.

We offer emergency services, so that you can travel comfortably and safely. Just give us a call and our mobile team will be on its way. We’ll diagnose the problem, suggest the selection of a new car battery, have it supplied and fitted for you.

All of our batteries come with a quality guarantee, helping you rest assured that you have a reliable source of power for years to come. Visit our product pages for more information about the brands and the models we supply.

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