Duracell Battery – Unparalleled Durability and Cost-Efficiency

Duracell is a battery-focused brand that supplies various types of batteries to almost every country in the world. The internationally-acclaimed pink Duracell rabbit came into existence in 1973 and has since helped the company rule the industry on both the commercial and the professional levels.

The Duracell battery is the most famous type of battery among the casual consumer. When it comes to automobile batteries, Duracell is recognized as an industry leader, as well.

The Duracell Battery: Characteristics

The Duracell car battery is a product that focuses on the high demand for extremely powerful starter batteries. The demand in current times is huge and this category is where many of the products fall. The Duracell batteries are advertised as capable of providing optimum power regardless of the conditions and the environment.

Duracell batteries are divided into several distinct categories:

Starter has a green color and is the basic model, providing the casual car owner with optimal force. It’s also the cheapest battery manufactured by the brand. The model includes four-chamber leak protection and is available in 12 different types from 42Ah to 95Ah.

Advanced (blue colored) meets the demands of all leading vehicle manufactures. It has full-calcium technology and a double lid safety feature. There are nearly 20 types of Duracell batteries that fall under the category.

Extreme (pink) comes with enhanced flooded battery (EFB) and absorbent glass mat (AGM) technologies for optimal start-stop machines. Customers can choose among five varieties ranging from 60 to 92Ah.

Professional (orange) is the ideal battery for hard-demand vehicles including trucks, construction and agricultural machines. There are 145, 180 and 225Ah varieties that include the four-chamber flat lid.
We offer a vast range of Duracell batteries for your car or truck. Take a look at the range or give us a call, if you need more information about the characteristics of each Duracell battery type.

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